The ghost of the partially un-dead zombie squirrel Chaptr one and two

Fiction By Tayme // 5/17/2010


The Ghost Of The Partially Un-dead Zombie Squirrel

Chapter One: The unknowing squirrel


I, Norbert Bockinstine, swear that every thing I am about to tell you… is entirely true.


It had been nine thirty-seven P.M., Friday night, when my life would be changed forever…        


Being sixteen years and two and a half months old, it was natural for a boy like me to have his certified driver’s license… as I did.  I’d like to see the look on Margaret Moolouzzy’s face when she gets a look at me in my new hotrod! I thought to my self while driving my way through town. The street was dark and empty. Okay, okay so I don’t have a cool, new, awesome hotrod. In fact, I don’t even have my own car, yet!

Margaret, is my somewhere over the rainbow, or was. I started hating her in the second grade when she made fun of my red hair. She called me Mr. Carrot Afro Head Guy, isn’t that rude! I’ve never been the same.

Well any way…

I sat in the most out of the ordinary way that one could have sat while driving a vehicle, with one, long, pale, hairy, slightly disfigured leg out the car window, the other in it’s proper place on the gas pedal. One hand on the steering wheel, the other held an invisible mike. I was jammin’ man jammin’, havin’ the best celebration of my life since, Kimberly Loukantough, Kissed my cheek in the third grade! Why? You may ask, well my Dad is on a weekend business trip and my Mom and sister are on a Mother Daughter spa weekend getaway girly thing. So, I get the whole house to my self for two fun filled days of me time. Oh ya! But, little did I know.

It seemed like every one in the world had vanished. The dead trees of autumn reached over the street like the hands of demons frozen in place. Oh yeah, I can be deep! I really didn’t notes the eerie atmosphere looming around me, all I cared about was getting the two jugs of milk, three boxes of my favorite cereal, the right stuff for a PB and J lunch, home. And still enough money left for McDonald’s.

 As I continue to jam I notice something in the rearview mirror… a piece of past lunch caught in my braces! I stretched upward towards the cracked mirror baring my teeth, oblivious to the now swerving car. I licked my braces as if this might clean them then Momentarily dropping my mike to fix the rearview mirror.

And then… out of the corner of my eye… an unknowing squirrel bounded into the range of my bright headlights! I slammed on the brakes closing my eyes up tight and finally came to a rough halt.


Chapter two: vengeance…


I sat rigid, eyes still closed. There was silence… a dead silence. This lasted a good thirty-seven seconds before I could summon up the courage too open one eye and then the other.

The rite side of my car’s headlights lit a steep ditch. The left side lit up the road. Nothing moved. Did I hit it? I wondered. Well, curiosity got the best of me and I opened up the car door, after removing my leg from the window, of course. Leaning out of the car, I looked for any sine of squirrel parts, there was none that I could see so I got out of the car, completely. This is the part of the book ware you scream: “No, Norbert! No! Don’t do that! You’ll die!” well do not be afraid! You will come to fined that I am vary durable, there for: if any thing would happen I would be okay.

I placed both of my feet firmly on the hard cement road. I leaned around to get a look at my front tire. No squirrel there. So, I peered over the hood of the car… still no squirrel. Perhaps it would be under the car? I thought and proceeded to lay on my stomach.

Once flattened properly I began the search for the road-kill. Well, it didn’t appear that there was anything under the car, no legs, no fur nothing… maybe I didn’t hit it. Yes, yes this must be the case. After all, wouldn’t there be some kind of remains left over if I had? I sighed, what a relief that was.

Suddenly, a fuzzy corps fell from somewhere up in the engine and landed rite in front of my face!

I screamed-uh-I mean, yelled out in fear and made an attempt to escape only to discover that my head had somehow made it’s way under the car there for when I made this effort for freedom my cranium collided with the bottom of the car. Yes, this was tragic. My head was bruised and I killed a squirrel, how could it get any worse?

Rubbing my hairy head, I looked up at the body. It appeared to be in tacked, though, I couldn’t be to sure.

Well, I made the decision to leave it there. I mean it’s just a squirrel. Not like it’s gunna come back to life and haunt me dot, dot, dot.

            So, I stood… got in the car… and drove away.




            The squirrel lay in the street, dead, it would seem. But, then, a flash of blue lighting broke the sky and thunder broke the silence. It rose up like a vampire awakening from it’s grave. Arms stretched out forward it turned it’s head in the direction of it’s killer and hissed, “Vengeance!” the voice was like the sound of… there is no words in the dictionary that can describe the horror of the sound of the… Ghost of the partially un-dead zombie squirrel!


            Pleas imagine frightful music. Thank you.




Hahahahahahhahahhahahaaaaa......I'm so glad it's finally up.

E | Sat, 06/05/2010

"You were not meant to fit into a shallow box built by someone else." -J. Raymond

I can't decide if this is

I can't decide if this is absolutely hilarious, or just plain weird...LOL. Good so far, Tayme, but I'll reserve final judgments. ;)

LoriAnn | Fri, 06/18/2010

Okee Dokee =D

Okee Dokee=D It's just a short story so it's likely that by the next two chapters it'll be dun. But i'm writing a cuple of other storys to put on A.P. One's prety strange wile the other's not as wierd.

I can not help it if I am odd !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! L . O . L !!! =D

Tayme | Fri, 06/18/2010


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