An interview with Arzallie.

Fiction By Tayme // 3/9/2010


An interview with Arzallie…

(Pronunciation, Arzallee)


     Me: So, Arzallie, you were how old? Five when this all happened, right?


     Ary: Actually I prefer to be called, Ary, and yes I was five.


     Me: Ary, can you describe what happened that morning in minimum detail? So we don’t give any thing away to the reader.


     Ary: Well I remember it clearly enough. I had been playing out side with my dog-


     Me: minimum detail pleas!


     Ary: I am giving “minimum” detail you…


     Me: AH, ah, ah no cussing! I know how much you like to use that dirty little mouth of yours!


     Ary: (heavy sigh) I watched a man die!


     Me: Oh! How offal! And you where only five?


     Ary: that’s what I said!


     Me: Were you aware of, who, this man was?


     Ary: no, not at the time. It tuck me a wile to piece it all together, but, being the cunning thief I am (dramatic pos) I figured it out!


     Me: let’s talk about your life of crime. What drove you to become a thief, exactly?


      Ary: what do you think cause I have no idea! (Voice is dripping with sarcasm)


     Me: Well it might have had something to do with your horrific childhood?


     Ary: do you really think so! (Sarcasm.)


     Me: Yes!


     (A little later…)


     Me: What about some of your friends that you’ve met on this… life changing gurney? What were they like?


     Ary: Well… there really isn’t much to say that would give anything away… but I’ll try. Maybe if you pick just one of them, then I can tell you more with out ruining the whole thing?


     Me: Well let me think… what about Paigoe? He sounds interesting let’s talk about him.


     Ary: he’s my dog… not much more then that. A good companion and loyal too, but why would you ask me about my dog?


     Me: well considering what you and Paigoe have been through I figured it would be a good character to talk about.


     Ary: well yeah but he’s a dog a good one. Even if he is stupid...


     Me: Ok… Well what about, Bell, is she someone you can talk about?


     Ary: Ahh, Bell, the biggest dipstick in the history of dipsticks. She’s my best friend you know.


     Me: Of course! (Nods wisely.)


     Ary: Well she has been my best friend since I was seven years old.

                   Ever since the death of that man, I had a lot of trouble getting along with other people so none would sit with me or talk to me, for many reasons more often it was they’re parents told them to stay away from me. Most of them thought that I was possessed.


     Me: (GASP) really. They thought that.


     Ary: yes. But among all of these people, Bell was the only one who seemed to wont to be my friend.

                   She was the one who would sit with me when none ells would and the only kid who would play with me… Yah, she’s still a dipstick though.


     Me: Okay, what about another friend… um … Sheekae, let’s talk about him. What was your first impression when you met Sheekae?


     Ary: You know what, he mite give away too much about the story! (Anxiety?)


     Me: Why?


     Ary: Just ‘cause.


     Me: Okay. Well sorry but we’re all out of time for today.


     You: NO!


     Me: yes. Go away.




                   Please check out the (possibly) up coming book… Um… I have no idea… O_o?





A note from Elmo.

Plizz excooz tipoez   :|

Tayme | Mon, 03/15/2010

Wooooooooow....that was

Wooooooooow....that was awesome...and the same time. I'll give you one thumb...i still don't know if it rates two thumbs lol.

Clare | Mon, 03/15/2010


Well... just to worn you... the book will be vary scary. BROOOOHAHA!!!

Hee...=D the first chapter will make your knees fall off... O_o

Tayme | Mon, 03/15/2010

Sounds amazing. PLEASE

Sounds amazing. PLEASE SHARE!!! XD

Clare | Tue, 03/16/2010

Lol, I just noticed it up.

Lol, I just noticed it up. You do know that a gurney is a rolling hospital bed, right? Haha, I think you meant journey.

Anyway, COOL!!!!

E | Sun, 03/21/2010

"You were not meant to fit into a shallow box built by someone else." -J. Raymond


Sorry it's taking so long for me 2 write a story =...( I'm working on it right now!!!!!!! It might be a while before it's reddy... but it will happen!!!!!! Did i miss spell any thing?

Tayme | Sat, 04/10/2010

Misspell anything on the

Misspell anything on the comment? Yes, sorry. Reddy is actually spelled ready, and misspell is one word, and so is anything ;) lol.

E | Tue, 04/13/2010

"You were not meant to fit into a shallow box built by someone else." -J. Raymond


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