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Fiction By Tayme // 6/11/2010


 These are names from a book I’m writing, but I need help with the name!!! It’s about a dragon named Sly who (despite his utter insanity) is the only dragon who can help a clan of dragons called, Barlin, defeat Gaylord Balthazar from taking over the third largest kingdom in the known world, Zarrattay. Also, along the way, they discover a deeper evil, heartless, a dragon with a dark plan to ruthlessly destroy all the humans in the world, but, in order to do this he needs something, but what? Well, I have no idea, but I need a name for my story, so, please, please, please help me. But remember, this story could change with time, some of the characters you will see here may not even be in the story. So there you have it please enjoy.


Clan dragons.

Galtraid: the leader

Shaiggar: the scout

Velbrigh: the fighter

Elvriddack: the smart one

Aceela: the spy

Other dragons.

Rethria: someone

Sly: a vary strange treasure guardian dragon

Dragons who are (most likely?) not ongoing characters.   

Foolsgold: an idiot with no life

Shade: a vary mean little shedragon

Cheeser: a nerd

Evil dragons.




The many, many knick names of Sly

Galtraid …Seasponge

Shaiggar …Mood

Velbrigh …Treekiller 

Elvriddack …Elftack

Aceela …Gullie

Rethria… Love

Other characters

Elmer: a hunchback

Gilbert: a dragon specialist/dentist

Efay: the princess of Zarrata (may or may not exist)

Horatio: a knight who has no particular place or reason for being in the story

Finian: Horatio’s assistant

Bobo: Gilbert’s pet monkey

Albert: Gilbert’s rival brother

Olivia: a little girl who becomes attached to Sly?

 Different human like some ones

Dwarf: a type known to enslave dragons
Elf: a selfish proud people who see dragons as monsters

Fairy: Small woodland people that really like dragons

Imp: evil pixy

 Bad guys who are losers

Gaylord Balthazar: the bad guy

Salvio: a bad guy

P.S.: “I guess you could say that Horatio’s a bad guy.”



sory about the paragraphs.

sory about the paragraphs.

Tayme | Fri, 06/11/2010


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