Fairy Ball

A Poem By The Brit // 11/1/2008

No I did not steal this from who ever it was that wrote the other one like this. This is purely my own creation.

There they go, do you see them there?
They walk so lightly as if on air.
There they go in their silent prancing,
On the go for their midnight dancing.

There they are, I see them now.
The ladies curtsey, and the men bow.
Instead of feet, they dance with wings.
The flutes start to play; a single voice sings.

Then one, two, three! Other voices join in.
With that, the Fairy Ball will begin!
Can you see them, all flitting about?
All with a cheer and a joyful shout.

They dance 'round again and again:
The fairy women, and the fairy men.
They all seem to shine in their lovely clothes.
Each made of a flower; a lily or rose.

The fairy children gather around,
Observing the dancing and musical sound.
Each fairy is different in face and features,
And all of them lovely and beautiful creatures.

Animals come, from here and from there.
The birds and the fox, the mouse and the hare.
All rejoice in their own little way.
On goes the singing, and on the flutes play.

Oh, sorrow of sorrow! Sadness of sad!
This beautiful scene was a dream that I had!
But tomorrow night when I lay down to sleep,
I'll count fairy wings, instead of sheep.

Alright, so the last part about sorrow and sadness, was a little dramatic, but I like it so don't mock (mock is my word)me.


I loved this!!! I love

I loved this!!! I love fairies SO much!!!!!! great job!!

PS I wrote the other one... lol =P
--Hannah W.

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Hannah W. | Thu, 11/06/2008


Beautiful! I love it.

-Falling Leaves

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E | Thu, 11/06/2008

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I thought it was you, but I

I thought it was you, but I wasn't sure.
Hey I'm having trouble trying to change my picture. Do you have a suggestion? I checked the delete box without the new picture, and then with and then hit submit, but it didn't work. It keeps puting my old picture in. Help me.

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The Brit | Fri, 11/07/2008

Actually, it did change.

Actually, it did change. This confused me too until I asked Ben.
If you don't refresh the page it probably won't show up. The picture I'm seeing now is an eagle inside a sun or something.
Hope this helps.
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Anna | Fri, 11/07/2008

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What do you mean by refresh

What do you mean by refresh the page? By the way it's a Viking flag.

"....So we're all men of our word, really, except Elizabeth who is in fact a woman." Captain Jack Sparrow

The Brit | Fri, 11/07/2008