The School of Lies, by Crystal W.

A Poem By Anonymous // 6/23/2004

A world built on heart breakers a place feared by risk takers.
No ones are no ones and losers always lose.
Halls are always dark and choices aren't worth the choose.
People are judges and heros aren't real.
friends aren't allowed and thugs who can't feel.
The pill poppers excuse users.
lonely fools and friend abusers.
The crippled society, the fit and unfair.
Sadly accused and minds gone bare.
Lies in every room, fights without reason.
Words become deadly wars without treason.
Friendships broken, friends forever isn't true.
Things that are done, if only people knew.
The constant battle to do what's right.
To make a differance is it worth the fight?
People stare, their burning eyes,
living in this school of lies.
Gangs and guns, drugs and hated.
Learning here has become over rated.
Drop outs drop to shame, second class is always in blame.
The mecyless suicides, does anyone care.
Over 5,000 children a year choose to end a life of dispare.
Is that not enough? Is it still not clear?
That we are living in a world full of hate and fear.
What will it take for all to see?
What must be done for the world to finally believe?
That we the children and we have something to say.
For we too see the world, but we see it in a different way.

Just so you know I am in homeschool. I had wrote this poem to state my reasons for leaving public schools.


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