And Love and Hurt Collided

A Poem By Timothy // 8/5/2009

 Give me ten seconds to look into your eyes

To see if there is anything left I recognize

Have six months become meaningless?

Everything I thought I knew is suddenly worthless

I’m wearying of this fatal little dance

Because a phone can be a deadly weapon in your hands


Is there a problem with the network?

I don’t want to believe you just said that


God if there is anything good left, I would love to see it now

If you can tell me, I would like to know how

To stand by and watch her slowly kill herself

With her eyes wide open, when she doesn’t want my help

I don’t want to be friends with bitterness

But he is a better companion than emptiness


I’m writing uneven lines

But they are straighter than my mind


I know I need to show a little more faith

And trust a bit more in your Father’s grace

But tonight I’m barely crawling, much too weak to walk

And my strength is getting lower every time we talk

So it’s true that I’m hurt and depressed and mad

And I’m just barely dealing with the emotions I’ve had

Still I hope you know it was the hardest truth

But I meant it when I said I love you.


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