A Poem By Timothy // 10/2/2005

Where you are, nobody knows
“Missing in action” is how the story goes
It was a secret ambush, or maybe a failed attack
But in any case, you never came back

For family and friends, life won’t be the same,
And you can be sure, they’ll remember your name
But as for your country, you might feel betrayed
You might be thinking, “They’ll forget in a day”

But even if we’ve never heard of you
We know about soldiers, and what they do
We realize that sometimes, it slips the mind
But we can’t help but remember how you left all behind

A higher duty was calling you on
And we won’t forget, now that you’re gone
So if you’re still alive, when you look at the stars
You’re “missing in action”, but you’re still in our hearts



This is awsome. i just rote a poem-the soldier- and its nowhere near as good as this!


Nick | Mon, 11/19/2007

Long Live The lords and masters of the Sith !

awsome poem! I like it. Did

awsome poem! I like it.
Did you have a family poem go M.I.A.?

Sarah | Sun, 11/25/2007

"Sometimes even to live is courage."

Blogging away!


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