A Poem By Timothy // 8/7/2007

Countless times I’ve walked this road
And seen the sights along the way
Day has faded into day
I’m left without a word to say

The pain has always been the same
Inside and for the ones I see
Nothing changes here for me
I know just what the end will be

Where hope has fled, corruption reigns
Dark clouds will mask the shining sun
The comfortless will try to run
True life and love they all will shun

And yet behind the clouds I find
The sun is ever shining there
And I find freedom standing where
My hands are open wide in care


Nice Poem!

Nice poem! I like poems that are written like that. I have been studying poetry, and the ones I like are the ones that are either stories, or have cool and mysterious verses in them. HAHA!

Keep writing!

God bless,

Anonymous | Thu, 08/09/2007

Whoops...I didn't leave a

Whoops...I didn't leave a link to my blog. Anyway, in case you were wondering which Rachel it was ;)

Anonymous | Thu, 08/09/2007

That's really good! I write

That's really good!
I write poems too, but none that good. I don't think. I usually come up with poems in the car or at night and then I have to go looking for something to write it on before I forget!


Anonymous | Wed, 08/15/2007


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