The Wanderer's Song

A Poem By Timothy // 1/27/2007

The road goes ever onward, where to I do not know
To sunlit lands or mountain peaks or gentle river flow
Wherever to I will not mind, my heart has led me here
Adventure waits around the bend, I feel it very near

When morning comes I hope it finds my feet in distant lands
In homely cottages of old, or maybe castles grand
Wherever it will lead me, I will go with eager heart
Excitement clutches at my soul before my journey starts

Upon the road I hope I meet a friendly face or two
Of travelers to tell me tales of places old and new
And as with them I sit to dine and share the wanderer’s bowl
I too will share with them the tales and stories I’ve been told

And maybe someday I will find new kingdoms to be seen
Or see myself in sacred halls or throne rooms for a king
Perhaps in crumbling ruins I will find untainted gold
Hidden from mortal memory, buried in days of old

Yet if the path I take should lead to dangers unforeseen
My heart will grasp the challenge, no matter what it brings
And if in darkening places, I fall to evil swords
I will accept my destiny, could I have asked for more?

So onward will I travel, ever onward shall I go!
To sunlit lands and mountain peaks and gentle river flow!
It matters not what is the end, my heart has found its home
Adventure now is calling me, for I was born to roam!


Oh, I love this. I love poems

Oh, I love this. I love poems about traveling, adventure etc..

The Brit | Fri, 10/09/2009