A Poem By Timothy // 5/19/2007

The night is young, and so are we, and all of us are here
We’ll take a walk down a lonely street with those whom we hold dear
The stars are faint, the streetlight glow will find us walking side by side
We’ll lose ourselves inside this moment and let our worries die

The future stretches on, and who can say what paths we’ll take?
Our lives may never meet again, and the end may be heartbreak
But in this moment we are all together, and love will light a glow
To burn inside our hearts forever, no matter where we go

So hold my hand, and let me feel the warmth of someone near
We’ll all join hands and let the comfort drive away all fear
Squeeze my fingers one more time, before we turn to part
I promise, to the very end, you’ll find a place inside my heart


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