the great galactic war part3

Fiction By Tony sixwing // 10/19/2011


               The grate galactic war


The new plan


Now I did not realize that this information about bad times for the Quantorians was false. This called for us to plant some misinformation of our own. We let them believe that our fleet was having power and shielding problems. This made them start to come after a large number of ships with only a few ships witch gave us the upper hand in battles. We started to win more and more. The enemy tried to win but there weakness was there pride. Remember pride comes before the fall. So they started to loose. This angered emperor Quantor. He hated loosing and sent a full fleet back across the Tonanarian defense grid.  We tried to push back but they came in waves. This wore out our troops. Within 3 months it was so bad we had to start cloning drones. Using a subjects DNA code and copying it and creating self-contios but order following drones made these drones. Witch we used to boost our numbers but we gave them the same rights as anything else with a soul. I sent a drone fleet to retake Uropa. But the enemy had already turned it into a forward base world complete with planetary shield and torpedo/plasma turret defense grid. Along with a defense fleet ready to destroy 3 fleets. It was a fortress-world and we had to breach its defenses but when the fleet arrived it was wiped out before it could launch a single landing craft. We sent 3 fleets to reinforce the survivors but when they got there no survivors were left alive. The reinforcements were too little too late. They knew where our home world was and they outnumbered us 30 to1. These were bad odds. So we started planning a new strategy. “We have to fight back we can’t keep losing like this” stated general Holanu a 6point general and top strategist. “We could always fight gorilla style,” I proposed.   “No we need to fight honorably with standard tactics” general Azar objected. “If we don’t we will lose” I finished and the meeting was adjourned it was time for us to take the fight to them. So we did we started to attack in raids a quick in and out policy was adopted. We were outnumbered so we had no choice. I personally prefer to attack fleets with fleets and not have to ambush my enemy. But if I fought normal my people would lose the war and be exterminated. Now many people opposed this new strategy saying it was cowardly and not the right way to fight a war. I didn’t like going against my people but if I didn’t they might die so I ignored their protests. A month later I got word of an opening in the enemy line so I went to exploit it. But when I arrived it was an ambush my ship was heavily damaged. So I ordered all fighters and vipers to launch and escape. I took raptor squadron around the rear of the lead ship. We opened bomb doors and armed the warheads. We opened fire I took a direct hit my engines were offline and I was going down. My only option was to eject. I tried to aim my fighter at the enemy flagship before ejecting but I was off and instead of hitting the primary reactor it hit a maintenance conduit. After I ejected I was beamed aboard the enemy ship and placed in their brig for 3 months. I journeyed till I was at a Quantorian prison.


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