the great galactic war part5

Fiction By Tony sixwing // 2/21/2012

 The grate galactic war


The resistance


In the command room I was told how after my capture thing got worse. Planets fell one after another till only Tonanaria remained. And how we only had outdated tech and new engines. Witch did not work in the old ships. I tried to convince the counsel to use the phoenix bomb. Witch had a blast radius of 30,000 light years in able to wipe out the enemy. But the council continued to decline my request in their own words they said, “If we use the phoenix bomb we will be no better than those who are trying to wipe us out. We must stand by our principles or we will lose all that makes us Tonanarian.” So I decided they were write I must keep my morals we would find a way to win without using the phoenix bomb how I did not know. A few days later I was in the command room trying to think of ways to defeat our enemy but to no avail we were so outnumbered that no matter which plan we chose there was a 73% chance we would be wiped out. I could not take that risk. We were but a resistance we had very few supplies and were low on moral my return helped but not much. So remembering what it had done for me I called my entire race to pray night and day for our liberation from the threat of inhalation. I called for the priest who had been liberated with me to hold service 24 hrs. A day. We would trust in the almighty for our salvation and our hope. After several days of this our salvation came. Years ago the reptarians had disappeared without a trace but all of the sudden they were hear there King Jerry and I were old friends and I was glad to see him. He told me of what had happened to them and how they were lead to my home world. I continued to explain how we needed help badly or we would become extinct. After hearing this he pledged to bring the force of the entire reptarian race down upon the Quantorians. This was grate news 10bilion ships came flooding in. they helped us start to retake planets and build new shipyards and ships we rebuilt slowly but surely. Our new ships had the new engines and weapons we could not add to our old ships. Included in these miracles my son had survived and was parts of a resistance movement on zacoron were many had survived we had so many survivors on captured worlds we rebuilt our military and infrastructure within 2 years of recapturing all of them. I took my new first fleet and began to build up ships on their border. On the way we met king Vern of aseria who also came to our aid we saw this as an answer to our prayers. When I went into the hall of the glory of the almighty I asked him. “Why did you let things get as bad as they were?” he answered. “Tony I was there when you were born and I will be there until you dye but my people stopped trusting in me so I held my hand until you trusted in me again”. I knew what he meant he was waiting for us to trust in him so he could show us what we could do if we did and we had been prideful and arrogant we had learned our lesson and were ready to receive the blessing witch he had promised.


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