greatgalacticwar part4

Fiction By Tony sixwing // 12/2/2011

 The grate galactic war


The prison


When I arrived at the prison I was taken to processing to be given an inmate number. The prisons had a bad rep and few came back alive. I was given a 10x10 cell and a mattress. We were given nothing but food and drink. In the interrogation room I was asked many questions. For instance they wanted to know the position and strength of my forces. I refused to tell them so they tortured me. For instance they would lay me in the yard and press me for a day and ask again. It was a bad place some got it worse. You see the day before I lost my dog tags so they didn’t know who I was. Witch spared me from the political prisoner’s punishment. They were put in hot boxes for days on end and given 1 meal every other day. So I kept my mouth shut because if they knew I was the king I would have been executed to destroy all hope for my people. I prayed every night for a rescue. I was getting depressed loosing hope and faith so it would not be long before I cracked. Then a man arrived. He had been captured during the fall of Alion. He was a priest who smuggled in a holy text. He and I would read from it in his cell every night. This brought me back out of my slum. I knew that things were getting better for me. The guards started to treat me better than they had been. This made me feel good. They stopped the questions and gave me a good meal. I wonder if I had someone who found out who I was and decided to treat me well. A few days later I was in my cell designing a new technology. Of course I designed defects into it so the Quantorian guards would not have the technology. I thought I would have been rescued by now since I hadn’t I hoped my people hadn’t been defeated. Some of my fellow prisoners were planning an escape. I thought I should help them out so I did. We planned to capture some weapons from the guards and get out during a shield rotation. We watch and waited for months. Timing the changing of the guard the recharge rotations of the containment shield. We tried to escape on the first Monday of the 6th month of the 11th year. We failed and my accomplices were executed as examples for the others. I was spared only because I was valuable to them. A few days later an alarm sounded. My men had arrived. They had come to liberate the prison. “Sir we are here to help you”One of them stated. “Right let’s get out of here” I responded. We left and got in a viper. But something was off the viper was old. I mean it had out dated tech in it. The ship was outdated when I was captured. So what happened? “Lieutenant what is going on why is your ship out dated”?  I asked. “Sir there is no time to explain you’ll understand when we get to base”. He responded. I sat back in my seat and prepared for takeoff. I had thought my people had won but this ship made me think our people had become a rebellion. We took off. A.A. fire was exploding all around our ship. We were about to go down when all the sodden we were not there anymore. We were at a starbase in the Entoran sector. It didn’t make any sense. No engine I knew of was that fast. We docked and got off the transport. I was taken directly to the mane control room were everything was explained.


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