arranged marriage

What I Am

Fiction By Damaris Ann // 5/29/2016

"So that's what you are,"

He whispered in awe.

"Yes, that is what I am; no more, no less. So take me as I am, or leave me. All I ask is that you decide quickly, and spare me the pain of waiting."

Her soft voice came in halts, strangely foreign to her normally smooth tones. It barely sounded above the pouring rain.

He watched the water drip through her eyelashes and slowly roll down the bridge of her nose while he prepared his answer.


Jaiden: Part 2

Fiction By E // 12/7/2008

It wasn't late. I supposed Father would probably invite HIM (I thought the name with so much disgust I nearly puked. Ugh.) to dinner this evening. I groaned loudly. "I'm not intelligent enough to become queen anyway," I said aloud to myself.
"Princess Jaiden, King Zion needs you," my butler, Amir notified me.

Jaiden: Part 1

Fiction By E // 12/2/2008

I was sitting alone in my room one night, gazing at the stars from my window like they always do in sappy books I've read when it came. Or should I say when HE came. My, he was beautiful. Perfect and purely white with dazzling blue eyes. The only problem was the person that rode him..........

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