C.S. Lewis

What Secrets Are Kept In The Heart Of A Queen

Fiction By Clare Marie // 2/5/2009

She paused and took a deep breath. Jack looked up into her face with a plea.
“Please, Aunty Sue,” the lad implored, “don't say that's the end.” She smiled at his eager brown eyes and placed a soft, wrinkled hand on his brow.
“It is, child,” returned Aunty Sue. “Stories don't last forever.”

A Narnian Coronation

A Poem By Elizabeth // 11/10/2007

The trumpets blare!
The heralds sing!
The banners flared!
The eagle’s wing!

Hail King Peter!
Hail Queen Susan!
Hail King Edmund!
Hail Queen Lucy!

The Magnificent!
The Gentle!
The Just!
The Brave!

From Spare Oom they came
From a journey of peril
From battle fame
They come now to Cair Paravel!

May the reign!
May they rule!
May they prosper!
May they have fame!

Hail the kings and queens!

Why I Love C.S. Lewis

An Essay By Raine // 7/2/2007

C.S. Lewis is my favorite author...and I've been wondering for some time. Why do I love him so much?

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