An Essay By Damaris Ann // 8/12/2020

“Is love a fancy, or a feeling? No.”

This line from Hartley Coleridge’s Sonnet VII is the basic sum of what I’d like to write about today.

Although some forms of love include feelings and fancies, they are not true love. Love in its purest form goes far beyond feelings and fantasies.

Redshaft - Chapter 2

Fiction By Stephan // 2/17/2010



"Be wary of the walltop guards," I whispered as we jogged across the grass. "Let's not head to the forest, though."

He turned to me, slowing his pace, "Why not?"

Standing By Me

A Poem By Joanna-J // 1/21/2010


The light on the water,

Stars shining in heaven,

The moon in the leaves,

And you’re standing by me.

Standing by me,

You’re standing by me.

Falling Out of “Love” and Into Divorce

An Essay By Sarah L // 12/3/2007

Before the turn of the century divorce did not exist. Married couples would never consider breaking the vows they made at the altar, for moral reasons or not. As time moved on however, the U.S. government gradually allowed more and more grounds for divorce until eventually couples had no need to justify leaving each other. Now, about 50% of married couples in America eventually get divorced and that includes couples inside the church.1 People in America no longer understand love or what it looks like.

When All the Right Words Run Away

A Poem By Timothy // 9/23/2007

Lifeless white, a waiting page
Speechless, I find myself
Lacking the wisdom to reach the heights
Lacking the love to touch the heart
Lacking the art to touch the soul
While all the right words run away

Formless, thoughts dance through my mind
Desperate prisoners, tightly shut
Lacking the breath to give them life
Lacking the key to break them free
Lacking the form to give them voice
While all the right words run away

Aimless scribblings, mindless tongues
Futilely dance upon my page
Lacking the grace to make them flow
Lacking the touch to make them feel

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