A Personal Survey of Fairy Tales

An Essay By Hannah D. // 7/21/2018

Having recently finished up a science-y degree, I am obviously well qualified to thoroughly and accurately discuss the cultural impact of fairy tales. Well, perhaps not. But perhaps my fresh memories of deep dives into the murky waters of f-ratios, geostrophic balance, sediment cores, and DNA cleaning have made me hungry for exploration in waters of a different sort.

San Francisco 7/7/17

A Poem By Hannah D. // 7/10/2017

In Echoing Halls
What is this room, replete with crucifixions,
Nativities, a dozen "Madonna-and-Child"'s?
The Renaissance. Who else shows Roman soldiers
In full knight's armor, Mary in Italian gown?
But note that sparkling reflection -
The gilded Bethlehem Star
Echoed in gilt embroidered dresses
And haloes framing faces, eyes cast down,
Or else lifted with hands towards heaven's heights.

Here's a silver cross in three dimensions.
And there a sculpture of St. Paul in wood.
What of this blue trinket box - any meaning?
Ah - "contains remnants of St. Bartholomew."

Maroon's Song

A Poem By Sarah Liz // 8/8/2016

World, I heard the lyrics that you sing
I’ve felt the pain that false love brings
I know the dark of depths of woe
I’ve seen the scars that few will show.

World, even music breathes your lies
Says hope’s sun sets in paradise
That sin’s allure’s your only happiness
But cannot reach eternal bliss.

World, your hope is fleeting, slipping fast
Your art reflects it; but, alas,
Your billions of feet tread the broadened path
That holds destruction in its grasp.

I turn off the song, the words fade away
But your fate is in my mind to stay.
Father, if You can use a girl like me

Girls and Stereotypes

An Essay By Hannah D. // 4/2/2016

Stereotypes. Whether we see them as false, but based on general knowledge, or as completely false and too ridiculous to even mention, stereotypes influence the way we think about others. More surprisingly, they influence the way we think about ourselves.

There was a study done on Asian women. You see, everyone knows that Asians are really good at math. And everyone knows that women are really bad at math. Right?

Why Christians Care So Much About Defending Traditional Marriage

An Essay By Hannah D. // 11/21/2015

Modern America is all about love. That love expresses itself in many different ways, but on a societal level it is all about embracing who you are, loving yourself so that you can better love others, and loving others by showing them tolerance, no matter what their beliefs or lifestyle may be.

Tolerance. Since when did that become such a positive word?

"Hey, we're all going to hang out at my place after school. Wanna join us?"

"Sure, I think I could tolerate being with you guys for a few extra hours."

How Long

An Essay By Hannah D. // 10/23/2015

In the midst of the historical accounts of Israel in the Old Testament, there exists this jewel of a verse:

And Elijah came to all the people, and said, “How long will you falter between two opinions? If the LORD is God, follow Him; but if Baal, follow him.” But the people answered him not a word.
- 1 Kings 18:21


An Essay By Aisling // 8/12/2008

you came running
over the green fields you came running to meet me
you took my heart by surprise
you came dancing
wildflowers and windswept trees, smiling out loud
you took my hand and spun me
you came singing
echoes in the ruins of a majesty at once ancient and undying
you took my breath away
and somewhere
somewhere back in your dark, wet earth


Fiction By Christa // 7/28/2007

Her brown hair, normally rather mousy, reflected a rainbow of colors in the sunlight as she entered the holy place. She was not of the faith, but respected the idea. Her clothes were riotously vivid colors of orange and yellow and red, gold trim and sweeping folds, her jewelry fake gold, heavy and ornate. Only her bindi truly reflected her personality: small, sophisticated, delicate. Her feet were bare and she felt she looked out of place, pale. She nodded to families as she shyly dipped away to a quiet corner of the temple to stretch and wait.

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