A Poem By redeemedaughter // 8/30/2010

Undefined Lines
Unclear Distinction
The things familiar
Stripped away

Blurred Views
Tainted Mind
Confusion Surrounding

Nothing is certain
Everything corrupted
Thoughts affected
Heart torn

Mystification known
Feelings shown
Hostility displayed
Faults exhibited

Blame untaken
Problems unclaimed
Hurt conveyed
Unfixed, it stays

The familiar is gone
Unfound, Undiscovered
The known has vanished,

Noel~Veni & A Star Alone

Fiction By Julie // 12/20/2009


“This is the Door of Humility, originally built in the seventh century.” The guide droned on, ignoring the muttered curses of the tall Americans who bumped their heads and the protests of the elderly who were already bent double with age. Among the later was a quiet woman with paper-white hair and gleaming onyx eyes.

Falling Out of “Love” and Into Divorce

An Essay By Sarah L // 12/3/2007

Before the turn of the century divorce did not exist. Married couples would never consider breaking the vows they made at the altar, for moral reasons or not. As time moved on however, the U.S. government gradually allowed more and more grounds for divorce until eventually couples had no need to justify leaving each other. Now, about 50% of married couples in America eventually get divorced and that includes couples inside the church.1 People in America no longer understand love or what it looks like.

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