facing fears

The Forests of Evenlear, Part 11: The Tables Turn

Fiction By Mary // 12/28/2017

By the end of my first day of teaching the following week, the ball seemed years ago, a distant memory buried under an avalanche of paperwork, schedules, lesson plans, grading, and assignments. Had it not been for Devorah Erren’s insufferable boasting to the other girls about the ball (she being the only one of the class whose parents had allowed her to attend) I might not have thought of it at all.
By the middle of the week, however, my thoughts had turned to the upcoming festival that I was to attend with Mira and her family.

Truth is In(it's always been...)

A Poem By jennifer // 7/29/2007

wake up,
and pray the day goes well
we've got secrets for sell, first come and first serve
i watch your lies make it so much worse
and i
am borrowing your time
just enough to get me by, your alibi
lacks every bit of sense,
"oh, conscience, how've you been?"
(please forgo the fake sentiment)

i may sound bitter and somewhat contrite
but the nights are just passing me (good)by(e).

my dreams,
are on a bus to somewhere,
where they can be fulfilled
while my fears contemplate the windowsill
no one will know until you tell
just give up and grow up
and wake up
and pray the

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