Comrade Song: One of Three

Fiction By Anna // 12/22/2011

This started out as a submission for Mary's contest (http://enterthewriterslair.blogspot.com/2011/12/announcing-first-ever-writers-lair.html), but it was too long. It’s a Christmas story, as you can’t tell from the title, but it’s also a lot of other things. So…onwards and upwards.
One of Three
Anita’s exasperated cousin once asked, “You think life’s a soundtrack, don’t you?”

Cormac and the Trial

Fiction By Anna // 5/11/2009

Once upon a time, when men were still young on the earth, the Fairies were dominant.
Fairies were ruled by Lords, and occasionally a Lady or two. But Fairy Lordship did not pass from father to son, as with lordship of Men. Their system was far safer in nature, not to mention more mysterious.

Princess Fae's Bravery

Fiction By Shelby // 2/11/2009

There once was a very brave king and a very brave queen. This king and queen were so chivalrous that their daughter, by nature, was born a very timid girl. However, the king and queen did not know this, and raised the princess in the bravest ways they knew.

A fairty tale that I thought up spur of the moment

Fiction By Keri // 11/20/2008

Once upon a time in a kingdom far, far way there was an ugly, disgusting, yucky smelling Prince. But he had such a nice singing voice that he made everyone adore him anyway. One day he was taking a walk through the forest. (His horse wouldn't carry him. he was too fat)

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