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Coming From A Stranger

An Essay By little woman // 5/14/2011

My church offers coffee and donuts after the 10:30 Mass. My family goes to this Mass both because it is the time that works best, and because the the littlest members can be bribed to behave well.

"Sit still and you can have a donut when Mass is over." "You need to face the front and stop waving at Annie, or no donut."

Not very holy, I know, but until they can see the beauty of the rite, they will be threatened with their once-a-week donut.

Are You Looking or Seeing

A Poem By callie // 10/14/2007

Are You Looking or Seeing

Sometimes we need to feel valued and loved but

often times we are unoticed and snubbed

however when sommeone looks and sees your pain

and dosn't overlook you because of a lack of

fame you feel loved and needed with a simple

hug or touch people don't realize it means so

much so are you looking or are you seeing

someone elses true deep down feelings.

by Callie

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