The Valley of Memory

A Poem By Grace J. // 4/14/2019

We are a people of
A strange and wondrous kind.
A similar group of folks
You’ll never, ever find.

We lived in a valley
Of beauty and pleasure.
There was great peace and joy
Upon all who lived there.

The lush land was more fine
Than any ever seen;
The waters laughed and played
In that valley of green.

Our people worked and lived
In our homely valley,
‘Round a lake of water
And its one, ancient tree.

But, alas! the peace
Could not always last;
For cruel evil swooped in
And dealt a deadly blast.

It was a perfect spring,
A lovely, breezy day.

The Hollow

A Poem By JimWaters // 3/14/2019

The Hollow

I’m caught once again betwixt two beacons’ glow
No, rather two sirens beseeching my ear
They beckon me unto them; juts ‘neath the flow
Do threaten to tear me asunder with fear

Their voices do battle, each other o’er me
Each claims theirs the sweeter, theirs honey that’s pure
Their rage caused the boiling, the thrashing, the sea
So wrathful my safe return I can’t be sure

Oh, Scylla! Charybdis! I dare not choose sides!
I’ll hie from their song, my ship wrapped in night’s cloak
For there in the hollow ‘tween waves, ‘midst the tides

A Changed Lock: Deleted Scene

Fiction By Damaris Ann // 3/1/2019

Jules leaned over the stovetop to stir her meat, wrinkling up her nose in pleasure over the smell. Steam was lazily drifting towards the ceiling, giving off the most delightful aroma. She hummed to herself while sprinkling in the seasonings, smiling over the words to the tune that wouldn’t leave her mind. She was halfway through shredding lettuce leaves when she heard a knock at the door. “Coming!” Her voice was cheery, and she dried her hands on her apron while practically running to the door.
“Miles!” She greeted him with a kiss on the cheek. “You’re just in time to help with dinner.”

A Fighting Flight

A Poem By Elliot Hawthorne // 2/1/2016

Run faster,
its slipping
Slipping past my fingertips,
trying to hold
through the dips and
dives of my
true to the wind,
I spin
flying uncontrollably,
I know I won't win
fighting against the wind
the fight
of my flight,
as it slips through my fingers
the fight
its hard
my hands go limp
and my wings go numb
spinning, crashing, falling,
I cant escape.
the feeling,
I'm failing
I'm losing the fight,
screaming, crying
I stop fighting,
I fall
I'll let You catch me

sorry for this disaster area my soul

A Poem By Anna // 7/11/2015

[this piece has been redacted for publication in my school's literary journal!]

Beasts of the Four Kingdoms: Clashing

Fiction By j. Glen pollard // 5/30/2014

Chapter Eleven

AFTER THE CROWD HAD LEFTAND THE LAD WAS ALONE, Cad told Iris to wait out by the opening of the alley.

“Why?” she asked. “Is there something wrong?”

“I just have to talk to that chap, alright?” he said. “I’ll be back in a moment.”
Iris nodded and walked off, leaving only Cad and the lad. Cad walked up to him and tapped him on his shoulder.

“Oh, hi,” the lad said. Up close, he looked around Cad’s age and was strong built like a farm boy.

“Hello,” Cad said flatly. “Were did you get the ‘falcon’?”

Autobiographical Poetry...Again

A Poem By little woman // 8/14/2013

I: fighting
fighting this feeling
rising inside
whispering mantras of truth
to contradict the lies
closing me in
tearing at shadows
trying to find light
gasping for air
but my chest is too tight
to allow me to breathe

I used to know
I was beautiful
stunning beyond all compare
then slowly I learned
that in fact I was not;
beautiful people, you see
weigh far less than me
my eyes are too small
and my nose is too big
I live in the shadow of these terrible truths;
but now I am trying
praying, crying
to unlearn these things
and once again know

cage'd beast

A Poem By little woman // 1/19/2013

The eternal fighting
Of the cage'd beast
Sometimes gentle, sometimes fierce.
With the power
To coax or kill
Play or fight;
Yet unable to free itself,
The basic act of survival.
The captors of the salty foam
Have yet to bend it to their will,
Yet will and will remains,
Ever greater still.

The Rescue of King Gale-Chapters 3 & 4

Fiction By Laura Elizabeth // 5/28/2011

The final chapters :) Pretty soon I'll be posting a story my brother wrote several years ago. It's pretty funny, at least I think it is.


Disclaimer: I own Thomas, the technician, and all the other NCK workers. Nothing else.

Thomas walked down the hall towards a door marked: Lab. Do Not Enter.
He knocked, and it was opened slightly. A short man with a balding head looked out.
"Oh, Kesdin," he said. "Come in."

Oh Wonder Why the Sun Fell: Chapter Eleven

Fiction By Bernadette // 5/17/2011



Chapter Eleven


I felt a firm hand upon my shoulder.


Oh Wonder Why the Sun Fell: Chapter Ten

Fiction By Bernadette // 5/9/2011

*Sorry these chapters are to short......*

Chapter Ten


Oh, Wonder Why the Sun Fell: Chapter Eight

Fiction By Bernadette // 1/2/2011


Chapter Eight


*I apologize for not appearing on this beautiful (and happily staying open, thank you James!) website for somewhere around four months….alas! I think I have failed as a monthly writer….anyway, here is the next chapter*


A Poem By Keri // 5/6/2010

Awake, my dear, awake

The morning you must take

You must fight the unknown fears

That have haunted all for years


As you lie there in bed

Amy and Jo’s Horrible Fight

A Poem By Ariel // 2/20/2009

I had to write a poem surmising chapter eight of L. M. Alcott's "Little Women" for a creative writing class. Hope you enjoy it!


It all started that cold winter’s night,
Any and Jo started that horrible fight.
That is the way it started that day
Listen closely and hear what I say.

The boy next door,
Got seats for but four.

The Biggest Dragon

A Poem By Hannah W. // 11/1/2008

Today I fought a dragon--
I fought it!
And then I caught the dragon--
Yes, yes, I caught it!

Sound the trumpets,
have a parade,
reward me with crumpets and lemonade!
Becuase I fought a dragon!

The dragon was big and mean,
his scales were shiny and green,
but then I fought him,
and then I caught him!

Throw me a ball
here at the palace

That's Family for Ya'

An Essay By Sarah // 10/5/2008

So........what do you get when you cross a little sister that adores bossing people around, with two little brothers that resent people bossing them that aren’t Mother or Step-Father or Oldest Sister (me)?

A Nightmare

A Poem By Gregory // 7/2/2007

A nightmare
We did not know
What to do. It was
Like hell on earth,
But we were brave.
Many young souls
Were spared, young souls were lost,
but God was with us
And all the shouting
Was music to us!
Was all that could
Be heard!
God is by our side.

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