Dear Mommy

An Essay By Tori // 11/12/2009

Note: Mairead  wrote an essay of the same topic as this a few days ago...feeling inspired by it I have written something similar. But she had the original idea; not me!!

Dear Mommy,

I'm sorry that I cannot tell you all this in person; but I am very busy at the moment. I am busy growing bigger, growing taller, growing fatter, everyday. I should think you would be proud of this; but why is it so hard for you to keep me here?

I am happy, but you are not happy with me. Why won't you keep me? Why will you gve me up? I am your child. Though I will never be perfect, please understand that I will always try to make you happy. My face might not be perfect, my hair might not be straight, but why won't you love me for who I am?

Oh, Mommy, why are you doing this to me? I will never, ever be able to giggle up at you. I will never be able to toddle around the room. I will never be able to ride a bike, or throw a ball, or kiss a kitten. I will never grauate from high school. I will never fall in love. I will never have a best friend. I won't even get the chance to write a book, or become president, or find a cure for cancer. I will never be able to try skydiving, or mountain climbing, or swimming. What if I become great? What if I am a star on TV? What if I can be part of the Superbowl? You are giving me up before you know me.  Mommy, why don't you want to know me?

I realize that you are scared. But why? Why are you scared of giving a child life? Why are you scared of caring for me? I am a single child. There are people who love you; they will help you. And if you really need...I might be brave enough to take care of myself.

Think about what I have told you, Mommy. Think about my life. If you still decide you don't need me...I suppose you don't need me. But I think I need you, Mommy.

Remember, Mommy, oh Mommy of mine, remember me.

I love you.


Your Little Baby Girl