The Tree House Tribe Chapter 2

Fiction By Tori // 2/20/2009

Chapter 2

I stuck my head out of the cave and saw Lisa limping into the Site. As soon as she stepped into the camp, she fell down, unconscious. I rushed over to see what the problem was. Then I raised my head and called loudly,
“Jonathan, Nicolas, and Jaime!” The three strongest boys in the camp bustled over, waiting for my directions. “Preston, you too!” Once Preston had joined us, I said hurriedly, “Preston, Go into town. Knock on all the doors. Ask for a doctor. Say that your brothers and sisters and you were out on the mountain side, picnicking. Your sister wandered off and when she got back, she collapsed. You don’t know what’s wrong. Get a doctor. Hurry!” Everyone knew Preston was a fast runner. He would get there in time.
“Girls, make a picnic basket for six, no, five. Food, a blanket, that stuff. Go on! Now, you boys. We will carry Lisa to the mountainside. When the girls run after us with the picnic basket, set it up. Put crumbs on some plates, and others leave a bit of food. Make it look good. Then we’ll tell the other girls to get back here. Then, Jonathan, you hide in the bushes. You were never there. Once the doctor has revived Lisa and is carrying her with him, go back and tell the others. Nina! You’re in charge until we get back. Let’s go!”
I had never handled this type of situation before. The boys and I lifted Lisa carefully and rushed out of camp. The other girls were right on our tail. Once we reached the mountain, the girls pulled out the picnic things and set them up. I didn’t want to, but I put Lisa on the ground and made her look as if she had collapsed right there. The basket and things were set up, and I took a bite out of a cracker. It was my favorite kind, but it tasted like cardboard. Thinking quickly, I found a puddle and splashed my eyes. My sensitive eyes got red and puffy, as if I was a helpless little sister. I made myself tear. Our setup was ready. Now we had to wait for Preston, but not for long. I soon saw him running with a young man panting in his wake.
Once they got to where we were, I (between genuinely fake sobs) told our situation. The doctor, whose name was Dr. Green, believed every word of it. Soon he whipped out of a black bag a stethoscope and started looking Lisa over. He measured her heartbeat. “Stable,” he muttered. “Left, yes. Well.” He said when he stood up. “She’s stable, meaning she will be fine. It looks as if she’s broken her left leg. I’ll need to get her back to my house. I don’t have many supplies there, but it will be enough. Where are your parents?”
I thought quick. “Out of town,” I said a little too fast. “Our babysitter is up in town at our house. We’ll call our parents and our babysitter. Please hurry!” Luckily I thought to bring one of our two cell phones. We never use them it except in emergencies. I counted this as an emergency. Quickly I dialed the number. Nina picked up.
“Nina it’s me.”
“Yeah, ‘course. Listen. Lisa broke her leg. We need Emma to be our babysitter. She’s supposed to be at our house in town. Just get her to a Dr. Green’s house. Preston should know the way; I’m sending him back to you. Got that?’
“Sure, Kay. One thing. Where are your parents?
“Nina, my parents are dead. You know that. I really don’t want to talk about that now…
“Kay, you goose. I meant where are the parents that Doc thinks you’re calling?”
“Oh. Them. They’re out of town, tell Emma that. She’s babysitting ‘till… 1 a.m. tonight. Oh, and she’s 18, not 17. There are too many of us for her to be 17.”
“What about you?”
“Yeah. Why aren’t you babysitting?”
“I’m…uh…I can’t. I have a sleepover tonight.”
“I dunno. The moon. Doesn’t matter, does it? As long as I can’t babysit.”
“Yeah, but how are you gonna get away? To get to the moon?”
“Ha ha, Nina. You ask too many questions. Just get Emma here, to the mountainside. She will meet up with Preston and then get going.”
“She’s already gone, Kaylee. I expect she’s almost there already.”
“Great, thanks. See you later.”
“Bye, Worrier”
Click. So maybe Nina thinks I’m a worrier. Ah, well. Someone has to worry about Lisa. I relayed my instructions to Preston, and then told Jonathan to follow us to the Doctor’s house, then to go back to the Site and tell everyone of the news on Lisa.
I ran to where the Doctor and the others were carrying Lisa, and thought of Kerry. I could just imagine her saying,”
“Lisa, oh Lis, my sissy, stay here. Stay with me. Never leave me alone.”


Good story, Tori! I

Good story, Tori! I sympathize with Lisa, I broke my leg a couple weeks ago. Keep writing!
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Kendra | Sat, 02/28/2009

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