Why did you, God?

A Poem By Tori // 11/3/2009

Why did God make the turtle so small?

Did He always plan on letting him crawl?

Or was he supposed to be much bigger than this,

And to be this small was just his wish?


Why did He make the leaves turn brown?

Did He not like green, did it make Him frown?

Or was he just tired of the green

And wanted winter to have a different scene?


Why do flowers grow close to the ground?

Was it to give the trees a carpet or the grass a crown?

Or was it because the stem of a flower,

Can't grow high enough to be a tower?


Why do porcupines have such large quills?

Do they give the porcupines special skills?

Or did God think they needed something to wear,

And he was tired of using hair?


Why does a bear growl so loud?

Is he mad, or is he proud?

Or did he step on something sharp,

Did he hurt his feet?


Why is the ocean oh so blue?

Did blue look nice when it was new?

Did it just look good upon the sand,

When God made it splash onto the land?


Why does mud get onto me?

Why can't it stay where it's supposed to be?

Does it like to see new places,

Or does it like the feel of arms and faces?


Why does hair grow on my head?

Would it look better on my hands instead?

Or did God want a cover over my mind,

Or were bald heads just too hard to find?


No one has ever answered these questions,

No one seems to know at all.

But when I meet God, when I grow old,

I will ask him my questions, the tall and the small.



Wonderful!! A very good

Wonderful!! A very good poem!!

Lucy Anne | Tue, 05/22/2012

"It is not the length of life, but the depth of life." Ralph Waldo Emerson


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