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(posted by Ben, Feb 2010)

Creating an account on apricotpie allows you to post your writing onto the website. From there, moderators read and publish your posts as soon as they can. If it has been more than a few days, please send a friendly reminder to James!

apricotpie monthly writer
After creating an account and participating as a writer on apricotpie for several months, you are invited to apply as an official monthly writer. It is an honor reserved for those homeschoolers and homeschool graduates whose writing shows dedication and the potential for growth. To apply, contact James with a short statement about what attracts you to apricotpie, followed by three or four examples of your writing. Do not hesitate to send as many reminders as it takes to get this busy fellow to read your request! Monthly writers may publish their writing without waiting for moderating. Their writing appears on the cover of the website, and the title "writer" is appended to their names wherever their writing appears.

apricotpie retired writer
Reserved for the monthly writers who are busy with life and would like to keep their connections with apricotpie while writing occasionally as they find time.


I have applied twice now to

I have applied twice now to be a monthly writer, and I haven't gotten any reply either time (The first time was last year, and the most recent was in February). Am I doing something wrong, or is it supposed to take several months? :) Thank you!

Elizabeth Anne | Tue, 05/08/2012

See him with his books:
Tree beside the brooks,
Drinking at the root
Till the branch bear fruit.
See him with his pen:
Written line, and then,
Better thought preferred,
Deep from in the Word.
~John Piper

Instant publishing without being a monthly writer?

I was wondering.

Is there any way we can get our stories published without moderation, without becoming a monthly writer?

Because, I am dedicated to writing, but I don't have the time to write a story every month.




GReynolds | Wed, 03/14/2012

"Give me liberty or give me a pen!" ~ Patwick Henny
"If we do not hang together, we shall certainly hang." ~Benmine Fraklin
"Four-score and heavenly years ago, our fore-feathers brought forth on this cobweb a new station." ~Abe Clinkin

writer application

can i apply for a monthly writer thing if i usually write poems?

cause i want to apply but i pretty much only do poetry.

Aalen Fideli | Tue, 06/21/2011

Music I created

I'm still???


I'm still a little confused how to do the " Monthy writter" thing, I would love to be one. But I don't excactly understand what to do?

So I write what I like about AP?

and then I give you  an example of my writing?

Is that it? or am I missing a point of some sort?

Oh when I do give you some of my writing, should it be totally new? or could it be something that already published on AP? if the first then I should probably get cracken if the latter then can I copy and paste it into a contact Ben ?

Sorry for all the questions but I just want to know!



Kassady | Sat, 07/31/2010

"Here's looking at you, Kid"
Write On!

Ben, how exactly can someone

Ben, how exactly can someone contact you to apply for becoming a monthly? Could you please post an email address or something?

KatieSara | Thu, 03/11/2010


"Are all humans like this? So much bigger on the inside?"

That is a good point.

That is a good point. I posted a link above to my contact page. I am not sure how well things will paste into the contact form, but at least you can reach me to begin with that way... here it is: http://apricotpie.com/user/1/contact

Ben | Fri, 03/12/2010

Great, thanks! :)

Great, thanks! :)

KatieSara | Sat, 03/13/2010


"Are all humans like this? So much bigger on the inside?"


Oh, that's why some of the stories show up right away.

Julie | Mon, 02/08/2010

Formerly Kestrel

What happens if a piece of

What happens if a piece of your writing has been denied before?  Can you still become a monthly writer?

Bridget | Mon, 02/08/2010

"I always wonder why birds stay in the same place when they can fly anywhere on the earth. Then I ask myself the same question." - Harun Yahya

Yes. If you decide to apply,

Yes. If you decide to apply, Bridget, just be sincere about what was denied, and we can go from there.

Ben | Mon, 02/08/2010


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