Damaris Ann

TypePostAuthorRepliesLast updated
PoetryReaching for the Sun Damaris Ann31 day 6 hours ago
FictionBetter Plans Part 4 Grace J.54 days 6 hours ago
FictionPrologue Joy J.31 week 8 hours ago
PoetryThe Nights Gina I.61 week 13 hours ago
FictionLetters to Grandfather Cecilia21 week 3 days ago
FictionMore Than A Million Words Libby32 weeks 4 days ago
PoetryAmbience Gina I.24 weeks 2 days ago
PoetryI'll Be There (For You) SURPRISINGPERSON24 weeks 4 days ago
PoetryGoodbye Libby85 weeks 3 days ago
PoetryIn the East Libby45 weeks 6 days ago
FictionThe Untold Tale~Part 2 AmandaMR46 weeks 4 days ago
PoetryTwo Sonnets on the Prayer Book Wedding Vows Caleb67 weeks 2 hours ago
PoetryThe Woods Benedicta57 weeks 2 days ago
PoetryThe Glory of the Bride Damaris Ann67 weeks 5 days ago
PoetryPanther SURPRISINGPERSON27 weeks 6 days ago
PoetryDarkness Gone SURPRISINGPERSON37 weeks 6 days ago
PoetryNe'er Forget SURPRISINGPERSON18 weeks 2 days ago
FictionBlackberries IV Libby28 weeks 3 days ago
FictionBlackberries III Libby68 weeks 3 days ago
FictionBlackberries II Libby48 weeks 3 days ago
FictionBlackberries I Libby78 weeks 3 days ago
EssayAesthetics: the Goddess of Acceptance Damaris Ann78 weeks 4 days ago
PoetryMetamorphosis Damaris Ann138 weeks 4 days ago
PoetryRiddle Libby288 weeks 4 days ago
FictionThe Untold Tale~Part 1 AmandaMR610 weeks 6 hours ago


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