Damaris Ann

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FictionWestward Ho! Part Four Damaris Ann04 years 15 weeks ago
PoetryDestiny of Love Damaris Ann04 years 16 weeks ago
FictionWhat happens when Rudolph gets sick Emma Katherine24 years 16 weeks ago
PoetryWords Damaris Ann44 years 17 weeks ago
FictionRachel's Inspirations Damaris Ann24 years 17 weeks ago
PoetryI Don't Want to be a Princess Erin74 years 17 weeks ago
PoetrySeperation Erin124 years 17 weeks ago
PoetryWinter Poems - 1 Madeline164 years 17 weeks ago
PoetryIncomplete Erin64 years 17 weeks ago
FictionOf Chocolate Pie and Country Songs Damaris Ann24 years 18 weeks ago
FictionA Strong Faith Damaris Ann34 years 18 weeks ago
PoetryExcited~ Guilty Daydreaming (43) Kassady44 years 19 weeks ago
PoetryWinter Poems - 2 Madeline54 years 19 weeks ago
PoetryTime Forgets Damaris Ann24 years 19 weeks ago
FictionAdonza Lorenzo Emma Katherine64 years 20 weeks ago
PoetryAround the World~The Meaning of Happiness (42) Kassady34 years 20 weeks ago
PoetryHe Knows My Name Damaris Ann24 years 20 weeks ago
EssayCinema and Worldview Hannah D.74 years 20 weeks ago
PoetryChristmas Tree~Status Update (41) Kassady34 years 21 weeks ago
PoetryWords of a Lifetime Damaris Ann64 years 21 weeks ago
FictionThursdays, pt 2 Erin104 years 21 weeks ago
EssayChristmas: What Does It Mean To You? Damaris Ann44 years 22 weeks ago
PoetryAffair~Style (40) Kassady24 years 22 weeks ago
FictionSome Excerpts (from 'Martje II' and 'Faith and Fidelity II') Sarah Bethany34 years 22 weeks ago
PoetryLife's Shores Damaris Ann04 years 23 weeks ago


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