Why I Love Homeschooling by Sara W.

An Essay By Anonymous // 6/17/2001

I believe homeschooling is a wonderful thing! It opens a student to new ideas, cultures, beliefs, and ethics that a student wouldn't find in public school. Many people have a paradigm that homeschooling is merely a way for parents to keep their children from the world and everyday things public schooled students have to deal with. I feel that homeschoolers have an extremely special relationship with their parents that most public schoolers never have. For homeschoolers it's easier to talk about things that public schoolers wouldn't think about discussing with his or her parents, or didn't know they could.

Also, homeschoolers don't have to deal with peer presure. Homeschoolers are much more likely to say no to drugs, alcohol, and cigarettes. I feel they have a better perspective on the difference of right and wrong, what's ethical and what is not. Homeschoolers typically don't give in to what's "cool" and are more likely to be individuals than public schoolers.

One of the questions I get asked most in "Do you have any friends?" Of course, homeschoolers may not have as many friends as public schoolers would, but are friends that important? Is it neccessary to give up your education, the foundation that will shape your life, just to be popular? I don't believe so. If you learn and succeed in life, "true" friends will follow.

There is a great deal of freedom in choice of curriculum as well. If a student is lacking in a certain subject that won't determine how smart they are. Most kids don't get a second chance in school if they don't do well on tests or exams.

There are many differences between homeschooling and public schooling. I'm not saying that every public schooled student and all public schools are bad. I'm just saying that a majority of homeschoolers are less stressed and less distracted by trends, friends, and unimportant things. Their education is the main priority.


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