Will I ever wake up?, by Kayla L

An Essay By Anonymous // 8/31/2003

A year ago today, ever American was affected. Many lives were devastated and destroyed. Many Americans now don't take as much for granted. In my opinion what we do and do not take for granted before and since the acts on September 11th 2001, is not as important as the one word everyone seems to look over so casually, and that is Family.

I was told once to feed off of the fear I feel. There are so many frightened individuals in our world now, some kids have said they don't feel comfortable at school even. On September 11th 2002- at G/p High right outside the Algebra class I was in we heard a huge awful noise, it sounded like something blew up. This not only scared the teacher, but, it scared us kids so much, it scared everyone in the school. This boom that we heard was only our water fountain...(it has problems.) There is something wrong when we are scared because our water fountain makes a loud noise. At Gp we are trying to participate in all activities we can to better our community along with our nation. Our country has come together to better ourselves and the Nation. We put aside our fear and fought back, and still are to this day.

I am like any other teenage girl. I can't wait to turn 16 and 2 of the most important things to me is boys, and the fun activities I take part in wether it be sports or reading. Boys and the ability to drive are minor in comparison to what really should be important to all of us. Its just too bad thousands of lives have to be lost for us to realize this.

In and around the small towns that I live in, family is not real valuable to a teen. What is sad that in this world we have teens that wake up and can not wait to get out of the house. Because they are so mad at their parents they don't even want to talk to them, and as the walk out the door they feel angry toward them. The last words spoken were fighting words, because at school later that day, that kid gets a phone call saying that their parents were in a car accident and died instantly. How would you feel if your parents were to die like that and you were mad at them during their last minutes? Out of many Americans fighting the loss of loved ones they were also fighting back the bad memories.

My name is Kayla Lipcaman. I have 2 brothers Evan and Aaron. and 1 sister, Megan. Evan and Aaron are hardly ever home so we never see each other and it never seems to bother us that we don't see much of each other. My sister and I have normal sister fights but nothing long term.

Doesn't sound like much love between my big brothers and I huh? Normally when you haven't seen your little sister for weeks you would want to? Instead its similar to a vacation for us but, inside of each one of us we know that we love one another dearly. How often do we say it? Never. But, why say it? Because we assume they know. If my brothers were to pass away and I didn't say I love you I'd wonder for the rest of my life..."Did they really know I loved them, or was my assumption wrong." My Grandma Lipcaman once told me never to assume because it only makes an ass out of you and me.
"When I woke up this morning, wiped the sleep from my eyes, I found a new day dawning, and suddenly realized...you're gone." Many Americans woke up on 9-11-01 and performed morning rituals, got a cup of coffee, kissed their family a little "see you after work, or see you over lunch" kiss. Little did they know that would be the last time they would ever speak to their family again.

"Tell me I was dreaming, that you didn't leave me here to cry, you didn't say you don't love me anymore, tell me that you didn't say good-bye." So many loved ones woke up to the news and wondered and wished it was all a nightmare and they felt sure they would wake up sometime soon, but unfortunately is was reality.

"I'm in a state of confusion...I hope things aren't what they seem...if this is really happening, just let me go back to dream..." Although I was millions of miles away I along with many fellow Americans am truly affected by 9-11. America and our freedom is a prized possession we should cherish, to me America is like a strong family pulling together to fill in the holes that were carved in our hearts on September 11th 2001. God Bless America.



there is something in this life that we cannot change. one of those things is death. death is sure and will be waiting for us when the time comes. but we cannot be afraid of death, for we must move forward. WE MUST LIVE FOR THE SAKE OF THOSE WHO DIED. Their lives and their dreams may end, but their prayers and hopes still remains. live your life to the fullest, but remember the future that you gonna take is decided in our hands. and remember that in this 60 billion people in this world, at least 1 person cared for you.

i pray that you'll live a happy, long life.

Anonymous | Tue, 08/21/2007


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