Write, Study and Research, by Stacey W

An Essay By Anonymous // 8/7/2003

My one and only hobby is to read, write, study, and research. They're all practically the same thing and I do love saying them all. There are the words I frequently use and will always use them.

I'm a 7th grader going on 8th and I'm thirteen years old. I am a new resident in Valhalla, Westchester. Like most new residents, I am only yet to have friends. In the meantime, while I'm still a loner of this town, I only focus on books and studying. My eyes sag, my body aches from curling up in only one posture, and I'm proud of it. (I've been staying up half the night with this book.)

When my family got this new book shelf yesterday, I mentioned about buying more books than my own weight (I weigh 100 lb.) Mom said buy only important books and not too much.

What's nonsense to them is sensible to me. People told me to get a life just cause I love studying more than they do and that I must not focus too much on books because there's more to life than reading. You see, even before I moved, I didn't socialize, play sports, none of these things. I never even participate when I went to some parties. It just looks like I keep on getting into this


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